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We Sprung Into Spring

“Before we leave for Houston, we have lots of work to do” announced Maggie.  So I put my packing plans on hold for just a few days.  I have found in my short life that spring time is wonderful and exciting!

There are many things that happen in spring time. Did you know the clocks get changed in the spring? They spring forward one hour!  That means that a few days previous when I would wake up at 7 oclock in the morning it was still a bit dark outside, but thanks to the earth being tipped just a little bit, and everyone changing their clocks forward by one hour, 7 oclock is now bright and sunny! I must say though, when Maggie had first told me that the earth was tipped, I was frightened, my eyes just about jumped out of my head and I grabbed onto her really tightly in case we fell over, but she said not to worry, we wont fall. She also told me that it would be best for Jenny, Bob and Rebecca to give me a lesson about the solar system, I am looking forward to that.

So with so more daylight we have longer days to do more things outside. I kept beary busy helping my friends here with spring clean up in their yard.  They do not seem to like the tiny little green sprouts that are coming up in the flower beds so they pull them out. Maggie calls them “darn weeds” and she scrunches up her face when she says it, she REALLY does NOT like weeds!

We also trimmed back all the shrubs so that the  plants can all grow in healthy and full. And I have to tell you the funniest thing I have ever learned. My friends actually buy poop from the cows and put it around the plants so they get vitamins from it.  Maggie says that manure is “THE best”!  Well I just laughed my little face off at the thought of someone buying poop from the cows,,,,,,people are so funny!  Manure, manure, mon-oor… sounds French! After a few days of our efforts in the flower beds to my surprise, those little plants were  growing faster than ever. The rose bushes had teeny weeny little buds growing on them and there were even some flowers on some of the shrubs, it was so pretty and worth all our effort, I love spring!

I offered to poop on the plants for Maggie and she looked at me sternly, with one eyebrow up and one down and I just knew she did not want bear poop on her plants, she only wanted cow poop.  She told me later that if I was a chicken she would consider letting me poop on the plants, but since I am a bear, I should just stick with  my normal routine.  I was ok with that.

Well here are some pics of me helping in the garden. My first job was to sit on the limbs of a big green tree and see if I could count the branches, that got boring pretty fast.  Maggie suggested that I  help her trim the grassy shrubs.  I don’t have thumbs so it was too difficult to hold the trimmers. My next job, and the best job ever, was to sit in the tree in front of Wayne’s office window and hum softly to the sleeping tree so it would wake up happy and grow nice  healthy leaves. Maggie said my humming was so beautiful that all the shrubs looked like they were waking up to hear my tunes. That tree that I sat in has even more baby buds today :).  I knew I would be able to help in a special way.

IMG_2310 IMG_2312 IMG_2313IMG_2315 IMG_2317

So if you want your plants to grow well you must get a cow to poop in a big green plastic bag then bring the bag home and shovel it into the dirt around the shrubs and then hum a lovely waking up song to them.  I will write out my song for you to sing to your trees. Maggie said it is very important to hum very very softly. Here is my song:

Wake Up, My Beautiful Tree”

Hmm hmm hmmmmm hm hmmmmm,

Hmm hmm hmmmmm hm hmmm hm.

Hmmmmmm hm hmmmmmm hm hm,

Hmmmmmm hm hmmmmm hm hm,

Hm hm hm hm hm hm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Now, back to my packing for Houston.


Your Humming Bear,




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Its Been A While

What happened? Where did the last four months go? I do apologize to my readers, but I have been a beary busy bear. When this bear’s friend is in need of hugs and lov’in I just let everything else drop and I get down to “bear-lovin-huggin” business, and nothing else….. more of that later.

At the close of my last post I referred to the exciting trip I took to the sunny state of California. I traveled by Alaska Airlines to Los Angeles on a lovely sunny day. The flight went by with few hiccups and within minutes of landing I was helping Maggie and Becky choose the perfect rental car. Oh I was so excited about this adventure!!!!!

We chose a lovely black sporty car with four doors. They liked this car because when they measured we were sure that Wayne would fit into it without bumping his head on the roof. Wayne was meeting up later in the adventure.

Maggie sang all kinds of funny songs all the way to Pasadena. She said that in the 70’s it seemed like all the good songs came from California and kept mentioning about some boys that were from a beach. The names of the streets that we drove by reminded her of all the old songs and she did her best to share them with us. Becky was very polite and I am sure Maggie did not see us wincing with the noises she was making.

We checked into our hotel. It was a business hotel so there was serious stuff there. We were on a business trip to IMATs. International Makeup Artist’s Trade Show.

Here are some of the highlights of the things I saw there.







I must say, Makeup Artists are a fun group of people,and beary creative! The Young Blood booth girls shared some wonderful makeup tricks with me, now I can assist Becky when she makes people pretty. And the airbrush man was a little scary at first but he turned out to be beary friendly.I made lots of new friends there! I do hope I can go to the 2015 IMATS and see my creative friends. Even the monsters were fun. They pretended to eat me but I know they were only teasing.

Two days at this Make Up Trade Show was about all I needed. But there is more in Pasadena than the IMATS. :).  Wonderful things like Pasadena’s Huntington Library

The Huntington Library is not a library that you go and check out books from. It is a special place where they have beautiful gardens and keep all the really old books.  You have to have special training to learn how to handle these old books and manuscripts.  You even have to wear gloves when you touch them. They keep all the books locked up in a vault, not just anyone can get in to see them.   Also at this wonderful place is a collection of fine art. I even saw the famous Blue Boy painting and Pinky.  That was beary exciting to me.

While there, we enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea. YES, wonderful sandwiches with the crusts cut off of them, scones with jam, butter and devonshire cream. and lots of lovely tea. Becky, Maggie and I thoroughly enjoyed it.IMG_1968 IMG_1974 IMG_1976 IMG_1995.

But our time in Pasadena came to an end ever too quickly. Off in the car we went, and we spent a whole day visiting my friends in Disneyland.  What  surprise that was for me.  We did not take our camera that day because it was not a picture day, it was a visiting day.

After a good nights sleep and lots of suitcase organizing we headed to the airport for two things. We had to say good bye to Becky as she was flying home, for one thing……and of course Maggie cried.  Then after waiting for a beary long time Wayne arrived and we drove to Palm Springs.  What a treat, I had only heard of this place and Wayne had wanted to see it too,so we were both introduced to this amazing part of the world together.

It was lovely to have spa treatments and to go shopping and relax by the pool.  We soaked for ages in the healing mineral waters in the hot pool by our room.

Maggie kept saying “there is something special in that water in the hot pools, I just know it”! And then she would laugh. I looked and looked but I only saw water. I just do not know what she was talking about.

We met up with some friends from up north and enjoyed at lovely lunch together.

IMG_2135 IMG_2139 IMG_2143 IMG_2150 IMG_2151

Our trip to Palm Springs was very short but very fun. I look forward to going back there some day.

The flight home was not very long. Wayne was sad to leave the nice warm weather behind but Maggie was glad to get home to Becky because Becky had gotten sick and needed some chicken soup and love.

It was quiet around the house for a while, then I decided it was time to get down to see Jenny.  I mentioned it to Becky and Maggie and they decided it was a great idea. So in April I put myself in their suitcase and off we went to Houston Texas. You will never guess who I met there………..stay posted!

Your beary sun-lovin bear,


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Knowledge starts with a “K”

When we arrived home from Florida we really needed to rest up. We had worn our paws off in Disney World running to and from attractions. There was certainly good reason for a good rest. However, Becky was at the computer once again clicking, talking, thinking and drawing very strange pictures and chatting with Jenny more than ever and using words that I hardly understood.

It was a dark rainy day when I was told that I need to “expand my vocabulary”. That is what Maggie suggested  that day when I had approached her with a whole list of words I heard Rebecca using. I had carefully written them all out for her to explain to me.  Maggie looked at the words I had written on the list and said that I had done a wonderful job of printing out the words and most of them were spelled correctly. She shared with me how I could improve their spelling and then introduced to me the most wonderful, amazing, inspiring, book. It is a book of knowledge. It is called the DICTIONARY.

I loved the book the moment I saw it. Of course I needed a little help getting it off of the book shelf and on to the table, but like Maggie said, “What are friends for”? and she laughed.

Maggie explained how to find a word in the big book that I was looking for. You look for the first letter first then the second, oh it was just so exciting.  It gets tricky though, you really have to know how to spell the words correctly first. For instance, did you know “knowledge” starts with a “K’, not an “N”.  Well someone was really thinking when they put this book together. I think everyone should have a dictionary!

You will never guess what the first word that I found in the dictionary all by myself was!?!………….Yup, you guessed right, “Friend“, it is now one of my most favorite words. :).


This was THE BEST rainy day I had enjoyed in ages. I sat and read the words in there until my eyes got so tired even with my glasses on.  Maggie made me a nice cup of tea to enjoy while I read. Every once in a while someone would come into the kitchen and ask  Maggie why I was so quiet, she would respond with just one word, “Dictionary”, “aha” they would say, and tip toe out of the room.

Bobbin was not so interested in my big book so he read a book that was more his cup of tea.  I told him that if he found a word in his book that he did not understand he could ask me to look it up in the dictionary and I would tell him the meaning of his word.  I think Bobbin and I have found a game that we both like to play now. For a cat who cannot speak human he sure understands a lot. I do not know where I learned Cat but it has come in handy many times. For instance, when Bobbin gets into one of those moods where he just really needs to hunt, I can remind him that I am not here to be hunted nor am I a chew toy and he listens.  He is very special, and I have learned from my dictionary that, “special”, can me many things, so it is really what my cat friend Bobbin is…..special :).


I was pretty sure there were no trips planned for a month or so and I was kind of glad because it was going to take me at least that long to read the whole dictionary.

But you would not believe where our next adventure was. It was very exciting, here is a hint:  I was squeezed by monsters, there were smelly things and lots of colour, oh and I can not forget manicures and afternoon tea…….those are the clues to whet your appetite for the next blog post.

Inquisitively yours,




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“Eyes” in Florida

So I just know you have been wondering what exciting and amazing adventure we were on just ten days after getting home from cruising to Disneyland!  We were off to Florida!  Not just any old city in Florida though, it was one of the best. We were going to Orlando.  Oh I was so very excited about this idea, because “you-know-who” has his summer resort there 🙂 and I was hoping so much we could go and see my oldest friend Mickey.

Rebecca explained to me that the first place we were going to was for business and we had to be on our beary best behavior.  We were staying at a resort where they were hosting the international optometrist conference.  It would be a big gathering of people who look after people’s eyes. OOOHHH!  I listened ever so carefully as she explained things to me. We were going to tell all the optometrists that came from all over the world about our new app that can help to make people’s eyes healthy and it would help children in a very special way. OOOOOHHHH!  This sounded so important. So now all those boring business meetings with all the white board pictures, and the talking and listening and talking and listening was turning out to be something that we could share with other people and even help them. I was so excited to be able to be included in the adventure.  I was so happy to learn that Jenny was going to be there and cousin Brit and her Mom.

We met up with cousin Brit at the airport and her Mom was there too, Becky calls her Auntie and that is such a beautiful name to give her.  She has a beautiful smile and I knew I was going to like her right off the bat.   The airplane ride was long and we got to Florida and found Jenny at the hotel. They got right to work setting up the display. My job was to make sure the room that Becky and Jenny shared was at the proper temperature for them to have a good rest when they came back from setting up.

The conference was so much work for my friends, they spent long hours talking to the eye doctors  and then the eye doctors would have lots of questions for them. My Jenny and Becky kept smiling and telling people answers and the people would nod there heads and listen, it was just like a business trip meeting but more people and everyone was very nice to each other.

At the end of the conference it was decided that it was BEARY successful and that their team was on the right track, now they had to get down to business and polish things up. Well, I have not seen anyone polishing things, they just keep looking at funny pictures and talking to each other on the computer every week and making big plans.

We all went to Disney World when the conference was over. Poor Becky had such a sore foot. I forgot to tell you she had had a nasty fall down the stairs to her place carrying a bowl of soup one night and she hurt her foot so bad. She went to a Dr. and he said she was going to be ok but I am concerned about her foot, it is not getting better very fast :(.  So Disney World was lots of walking but we got to see so many exciting things. I am going to post some pics that we took while we were there.  I kind of wished Maggie was there too but she said that she just can not be going all the time on trips….then she winked at me.  I just know she wanted to be there too.

Saying good bye to Jenny and Bobby was so sad for me. I feel loved when Jenny holds me in her arms.  And when no one is looking Bobby smiles at me, but it’s our secret.  Jenny and Bobby got to stay a little longer at Disney World but that is ok, I was ready to get back to the Pacific North West and have a good ole rest. Winter was coming in and I needed to get ready for the cold weather.  Our flight home seemed long cause I was anxious to see Maggie. She was waiting outside at the airport for us and ever so happy to give Becky and I a big hug.

I slept beary well once I got to my room and snuggled into my bed.  I know that Disney World is bigger than Disneyland, but I found myself wondering if  bigger is always better. I could not help but think about all my old friends back in California and wondered if I will ever be fortunate enough to go on another trip to see them all.  I also thought about all those nice people who came from all over the world to learn how to make people’s eyes work better, that is a very nice job to have.  I did not get to meet Dr. Ess who works with Becky and Jenny, but I sure hope I get to meet her some day.  Becky told me lots of Dr.s really respect Dr. Ess.

I am now going to go and look in the dictionary and learn about respect, what an interesting word …R-E-S-P-E-C-T. hmmm.

continuously pondering,


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My Bear-est Deepest Want

I want to be your beary best friend ever!

A happy friend, and cheerful, while ever so clever.

I want to be able to give you advice,

That will help you to prosper, and still be so nice.

I want to be able to give you a hug,

To make you feel FANTASTIC! when you might feel like a slug.

I want to stay close and be friends that stay true.

I want you to know that I love you……..

cause I  REALLY REALLY do!



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“A” is For Adventure……part two

So here are some pics from our Sept 2014 pics from Disneyland.  I found a pink cat in Fantasy land :).


We went on the cars ride and it was FAST and FUN!


We went to the dress up restaurant called  The Napa Rose I wore a bow tie and I felt very special. We had what is called a tasting menu. That is where you tell the chef the kinds of food you like and some of the things you do not really enjoy eating and the chef brings you interesting and delicious delicacies to eat. The chef just kept bringing food dish after food dish after food dish. Nothing was the same for any of us.  All of the dishes were small sizes so we enjoyed watching the chef cook delicious food for a few hours and we were just full enough when we were done.


Do you see me in the pic where I am wearing a disguise?  Can you tell its me dressed up like Winnie the Pooh?  Winnie thought I was pretty tricky with that outfit on LOL.


One night after a very special dinner that we had at the new restaurant called the Carthey……..(special because it was yummy, fancy and free…..another “deal” from Rebecca’s web searching 🙂 ) ……… we watched the beautiful light show on the water by the ferris wheel called World of Color.  It was just beautiful. I liked to see all the people watching and oohing and awing at all the work my friends at Disneyland did to put such a beautiful show together.


These are just a few of the pics taken. Soon I will post a link so you can see all the funny pics we took. Maybe even the video of my Zoomba class LOL.  But alas, our trip came to an end. We got into a stretched out car, it took us to the Orange County airport and we all flew back to our homes.  Once again, Maggie cried because the time with her children had come to an end. She reminisced about the good times they had enjoyed on this adventure. She told me about the wiener roast they had by a fire. They were careful not to take me to that so I would not get burned,,I was thankful for that.  She told me about how Jenny had brought presents to her and Rebecca and there was a glitter fight in the kitchen and afterward she had little shinny pieces of glitter all over the place. She thought that was really fun. But she cried again because it will be a long time before she can be with the people she loves so much. I told Maggie that I did not know she was going to miss Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Goofy that much. She gave me a loving smile and a hug. I fell asleep in her arms and woke up back in my home in the Pacific North West.

But you will never guess where I ended up flying to just 10 days later……..stay tuned!!


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“A” is for Adventure….Part One.

Ok, so what is more fun?

A)  planning a trip   B) shopping for a trip    C) going on a trip

If your answer was “D” for all of the above, you are absolutely right!

By the time the fall was arriving here in the Pacific North West it was time to start packing those bags and surfing the net for some “deals” as Becky calls them.  We got a “deal” for a cruise down to Los Angeles, California, a “deal” for the Grand Californian Hotel, and a “real good deal” on our flight home.  I am learning that when I hear someone say “deal” there is an adventure on the horizon.

I believe that the word “adventure” is my favorite fancy English word. And when I say the word “adventure”, I am using it as a noun to mean “an exciting or unusual experience”, OR “to participate in exciting undertakings”.  I looked it up in a dictionary to be sure, and that is exactly what I mean when I say, “adventure”. Don’t you think it is a lovely word?

Our adventure started with the organizing, that is what Becky does the beary best. She keeps everything very organized! Becky says that when things are organized they are more “productive”.  If productive means that you are very busy and you get up early, and don’t have time to think up a new song to hum or kick  back on the swing set on a warm afternoon and find shapes in the clouds or to lay on the grass and watch the flower pedals open on a  summer morning, then that is exactly what Becky is……productive.

Becky got all of us organized for our trip. Bobby and Jenny came from Texas on a plane, Brit came from “up country” a few days later and Maggie and Becky got all of our suitcases ready. When the count down calendar said, “O” our adventure began. That was 100 days after our “100 day” party and 50 days after our “50 days” party.

It started with a funny SUV  that picked us up in our driveway.  The man in a fancy suit opened the door for us in the SUV that looked like it had got stuck somewhere and got stretched out. Inside the car was lots of seats. Room for all of us AND all of our luggage. We stopped by the neighbor’s house and waved whited napkins out the window to say goodbye, that was fun. Bobby made sure the music worked for us in the stretched out SUV, he almost stood on his head to accomplish this, but I think he stands on his head lots to make his wife happy.


Our first stop was to drop our suitcases off at the cruise ship terminal.  There were other ships there too, so we had to make sure we got on the right ship. We all wore matching hoodies that Becky had gotten made for us.  Some in the group did not want to be all “matchy-matchy”  but we learned that it was to our advantage.  When you all wear the same decorated hoodie then the attendants know who all is in your group and they keep you together, so it was a very good idea.


The cruise to Los Angeles from Vancouver takes three sleeps.  On our first night on the cruise ship we ate in the dining room.  The waiters must have been new because they got a little mixed up at the dinner table. Maggie said that her dinner experience was not a good adventure but things will get better.  We saw a lovely show that night of dancers and singers and since it was a very long day we fell asleep very quickly. The next day was full of exploring the ship, playing trivia games, doing some shopping and eating and then having a coffee break and a nap and then we went to a fancy dinner.

What a fancy dinner we had on that ship too. The waiter first showed us all the different kinds of meats you can choose from.  I was not sure how I felt about that. It was so……..meaty


Everyone else ordered a steak but I went fruit-a-terian. Maggie had never had a steak as big as the porter house she ordered, and she really enjoyed. I’m guessing it might have been hot because she put volcano salt on it.  Maggie slept well that night.

All the meat must have make everyone a little smarter. Our adventurous little group loves to play trivia on cruises but we had never won before.  It was a beary stressful game and everyone was thinking very hard. After we had answered all the questions it turned out we had tied with another team for first place. The lady asking the questions gave us a tie breaking question of how many squares were on a scrabble board. Bobby knew the answer so we all won clip on keychains.  I’ve never played Scrabble, but I should go count the number of squares just in case that question comes up again.

The next morning I went to a Zumba class with Maggie and Becky. Oh that was SOOOOO much fun. I danced my little bear butt all around to the latin music with all the other ladies that were in the class. Lots of people were shy to dance but they put their all into it and in no time we were sweating all the dinner off we had eaten the night before.  The captain even came by and waved to all of us while we were dancing.

Day three came too soon and next thing you know we were back at my stomping grounds DISNEYLAND YAHOOOO!!

The first thing we did is visit the new Starbucks store in California Adventure Park. We got our fast passes organized for the new Cars ride that I was so excited about.

We took lots of fun pictures, I will show you.  First, I must start another post as I have used up all my space for this one LOL….Oh I have so much to share with you 🙂

This is me in front of the Stanley Stature in Radiator Springs at Disneyland.


Proceed to the next post, Patchez :).

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The Cran-bear-y Fest Pics

Well, I got back to my northern home in the Pacific North West late last night and as promised, I am sending you some pics from Cran-beary Fest.

Picture 1 is the cranberry bog that Farmer B made for the children.  They sure had fun chasing the cranberries around with rakes.

Picture 2 is of someone getting their face painting by an artist that came all the way from Vancouver Island.

Picture 3 is the hardworking people collecting the cranberries that are floating on the top of the flooded cranberry field.  They worked tirelessly collecting those little red nutritious gems……can you tell that I love cranberries :)?

Picture 4 is Farmer T driving the funny machine carefully though the feild. The machine jiggles all the bushes under the water and shakes the cranberries loose and then the yummy berries float to the top.

In picture 5 we see some of the over three hundred pancakes that Maggie and her friends cooked for the Cran-beary Fest visitors…….and they were delicious!  The pancakes, not the visitors.

Picture 6 is Maggie and her new friend from Langley.  I think I would like to visit Langley, “it is very historic,” says Maggie’s new friend . I am very curious about historic things, I hope we can see Historic Langley sometime this summer.

So these are my pics from Cran-bear-y Fest. I hope you liked them.

I know I said I was going to tell you about my adventure that we just got back from but I am waiting for all the pics to get here from both of my travel buddies.

In the meantime, I came across some pics of an adventure that the whole gang (Jenny, Bobby, Becky, Maggie and Brittany and I ) took in September of 2013 that I have not told you about. I will work on that post this week. This is an adventure that was a year late………..I will explain that comment next week.

Au Revoir mes amie That is french for Good Bye my friends, I just learned how to say that but I do not know if I wrote it properly.  I am thinking of studying a new language, my friends suggested I learn english better first, that might be a good idea. I think I will learn a new fancy english word every week and share it with everyone.  I will start my blog each week with a new fancy word that I have learned.

Your friend, the beary curious, adventurous traveling bear,

Patchez 🙂



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Cran-Bear-y Fest

It’s Sunday, January 19, 2014 and my weekly blog is due. I have sat on a chair for the last hour trying to decide what to do about my delema.

You see, I promised to write about Cran-bear-y Fest and, I can do that, however, I have no cran-bear-y pictures with me at the moment. Why,? you ask. Because I am on an adventure and I would love to tell you all about IT but I am not finished it yet and I have pictures to gather from my travelling companions………….what to do, to do, to do?

Ok, here it goes, a solution! I will tell you all about Cran-bear-y Fest and next week I will add adorable pics I have of it. As well, I will tell you about this beary creative, funny, silly, yummy, pretty, snory, sunny, wet, adventure I am having right now! Great Idea right? right!

Shortly before the snow was to arrive, in mid October, my friends told me that the Corn Maze celebrates Cran-Bear-y Fest. It seemed kind of funny to me, I wondered why they celebrated the berries when I thought we should be celebrating the corn, because I could only see corn out the window, no cranberries, but oh well, people seem to do the funniest things……or perhaps it really was a cran-BEAR-y festival for me!

My friends then showed me the huge field of cranberries across the road from the house. There were three huge patches of cranberries. So, it was not a festival for me after all but when I learned how much they do to take care of the fruit I knew that they should have a big festival!

We never are to run through the cranberry patch! They are treated with the utmost care. The cranberries are fertilized in the spring by helicopter! That was a very exciting day to see that.

In the fall the field is filled with water and Farmer T. drives a funny machine through the berries to loosen them from the bushes. They all float to the top and then they are swished to the side of the field by the funny machine and men wearing big boots up to the top of their tummy go in the water and swish the cranberries closer to the side. A big machine that has a vacuum on it sucks all the cranberries up, sorts out the little sticks and then spits the cranberries into crates. The crates go into BIG trucks and are taken away to the Ocean Spray Office. That is where the other people squish them down and they become cran-raisins. I never knew all this. So after learning all this, don’t you agree there should be a festival? :).

Lots of people come to the corn maze to have a big pancake and sausage breakfast. Maggie was volunteered to help and she was VERY excited to go. She got to wear a fancy apron that had a sign on the front of it. She wanted to keep the apron but they needed it. She very carefully made pancakes for about 120 hungry people. She and three other helpers worked very hard mixing big bowls of pancake mix, and heating up sausages on the bar-b-ques outside and making sure there was enough cranberry pancake syrup for everyone. It was a sticky job but they accomplished it! There were balloons and clowns there and children were getting their faces painted. Children made crafts. People came all day long to have the special cranberry treats and to see the corn maze. They even roasted marshmallows on a fire in the evening.

The farmer even made a cranberry patch for the children to go in and try to rake up cranberries. First he put wood in a square, then he covered everything in a big plastic sheet. He filled it with water, about 8 inches deep. He put some cranberries in for the children to chase around with the rakes, they had Great Fun. I am glad the Farmer put out lots and lots of gum-boots for the children to put on, otherwise their feet would have gotten very wet.

All the petting zoo animals were so very happy to have so many visitors that day. They got lots of love from the children, “big children and small children”, Maggie says and then laughs.

It was a beautiful fall day for the event. It was a day of warm sunshine on your back but the air was cool and when you walked under the trees the colourful fallen leaves danced around your feet. I have to say I think I experienced a perfect Canadian autumn event. I hope I get to go to Cranberry Fest again in 2014 :).

The next time you put a cran-raisin in your mouth you can think of its big adventure getting from our house to your mouth :).

Your Cran-bear-y Friend,
Patchez. be sure to look at the pics next week 🙂

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Piggies and Chickens and Goats, Oh My

A strange noise it was indeed that I last posted about. It was as if someone were crying for help. I was beary curious! My bear tracking sences kicked in emmediatley. With my new sketchers on my back paws helping me run faster, I scooted past the garage and I carefully peered through the cracks in the fence into the neighbours yard. The sound suddenly stopped, I stood very still and very quiet to explore the situation further. Could this be a person in distress, was it a dog howling or was it an alien from another planet?

The gate made an eerie groan as I pushed it open, the rusted hinges working for the first time after a long winter. I carefully skulked along the side of the grey building and poked my little bear nose around the corner. I took in a deep long sniff, the aroma reminded me of a happy place. It smelled of left over fried hamburgers, hot chocolate, and if I am not mistaken, butterscotch ice cream. Oh I liked the smell of this place! I made a mental note to myself to be sure to return to this wonderful smelly building later to investigate further. Once again, the sound came from the building that was just past a few picnic tables, a covered over area and from the other side of a chain linked fence

My precision bear senses told me this was not a dangerous situation after all. For there, parked beside the building was the Farmer’s truck. It was filled with big bags of something. I wandered over to see if he was about and there he was with the biggest smile on his face! Or shall I say, if the Farmer  really ever smiled, it was the biggest one I ever saw on his face. He definitely looked pleased. He greeted me with his friendliest farmer grunt and pointed to the cage. I looked in, and there it was, the most beautiful bird I had ever seen. He told me it was a peacock and as I looked closer there were more beautiful birds in the cage. Mr. Farmer told me that I had new neighbours, and there were more animals on the way. They were coming to be part of the petting zoo.

Oh I was just so delighted. Can you imagine life getting any better? Here I am, living in a house with people who look after me, a beautiful view to gaze upon, trees to play in and now a real petting zoo right next door. Oh I did the happy dance all the way back to our house to share the news with Becky and Maggie and Wayne-darling.

We went over to see our new friends often during the day and gave the miniature horses a carrot or an apple. We would talk to our new best friend Penelope. Oh, I fell in love with Penelope. She is the most adorable pink pig with a little curly tail, and her snout gave her so much personality. She told me she had been  living in a lady’s house, she had her own room and she was very careful to keep her messes out side. But one afternoon she and the lady had a long talk and they both knew she was getting too big to be living in a house.  So they called Mr. Farmer, and he invited Penelope to come stay for a while at the petting zoo. Penelope even had her own little blanket that she would move all over her pen with her cute little snout. She would curl up under it at dusk and fall fast asleep.  It was very difficult to get a picture of Penelope, she is very camera shy.

There were so many fun animals, there were goats, chickens, a rooster, some sheep, two donkeys, three miniature horses, nine ducks, a fat turkey, several rabbits, two pigs and of course the beautiful peacock and his friends. Peacock ended up being a real show-off, but none of the other animals minded him much. But the one goat we named Trouble With a Capital T, he was real mischief maker. He would start chasing all the other animals around and then hide and laugh. One day he decided to hide in the feed bin and he got stuck there. That is when all the animals laughed at him for a change.

I would go over in the evenings and have a long chat with all my animal friends. If they had any concerns they would share them with me and I would let the Farmer know what they needed. This seemed to work well because I speak animal much better than the Farmer does. For the most part the whole gang was so happy to be there. They all were people lovers and that is what is important if you want to belong to a petting zoo.

People came from miles away to see the animals when the corn maze opened at the end of August. It was such a delight! Sometimes bus loads of children would come from schools. The children would learn all about farming and animals and how corn grows. And my nose did not let me down. The Farmer’s Mom ran a little concession stand and gift store. They made wonderful hamburgers and soup and yes, there was lots of ice cream.

If Maggie and Rebecca and Wayne-darling still live here next year I think I will ask the Farmer if I can have a job at the corn maze. I will ask Jenny and Becky to help me make up a resume first though. I must tell them my best asset is that I am fond of animals.

The corn maze offered many adventures in the fall. On opening day there were about 300 people running through the maze. There was also a few weddings held in the big barn before the animals came. We were not invited to them but Maggie and I went over and spied out how they decorated the barn for each occasion. It was spectacular indeed. The best part of a wedding reception going on next door is that you can dance to their music in your back yard, that was really fun.

For my next blog I will share with you all about the cranberry fest adventure. I will show pics of how cranberries are gathered. Wait til you see the job they gave Maggie to do for cranberry fest day. I will give you a hint………it was sticky 🙂

So signing off now and sending love from all of animals at the petting zoo and me,


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