Pawsitively Patchez

Patchez’ Fives

Annon sent Patchez a whole lot of fives,
Now Patchez thinks Annon must be very wise.
In socks, he tells him his fives to ‘vest
And Patchez thinks Annon must know what is best.

So Patchez must start an investigation
He’s checking out socks across the nation,
He’s seen black, brown and blue, bright colours too,
Even one that had holes, where the toe popped on through.

Bear or bull market?

He conducted this search as best as he can,
Now he asked his friend Jen, to lend him a hand.
She read Annon’s note and saw miscommunication,
So Patchez now awaits some new education.

Jen will teach him about how the stock market works,
She will show him the down falls and some of the perks.
He’ll learn of a bull market and also a bear,
It will take quite a while, I am sure you’re aware.

So what will become of the fives Patchez has,
Will he get all stressed out, all frizzled and frazzed?
No not our Patchez, for he listens real well,
Now, on with this story that Patchez will tell.

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The Sock Marcut

I have been having a beary relaxing time here at Bob and Jen’s house in Texas.  I would like to help more with the chores but it is just too hot with all my fur.

I have been spending my time sitting by the pool and thinking beary hard. Jen said not to swim in the pool on my own, so there really is a lot of time to think.

There is one thing in particular I have been thinking extra hard about. You see, I have been getting all my mail forwarded to Jen and Bob’s from Canada.

Patchez’ mail is getting forwarded to Jen and Bob’s house while he is visiting Texas.

I did not expect much mail but my friend Annon has been sending me a card with 5’s in it. It is funny but I do not even remember meeting anyone named Annon (I’ve met some beary nice people in my trips, but more on that later).

Back to Annon, he seems like a friendly kind of character and beary generous with the 5’s.

Annon has been generously sending Patchez all his extra 5’s.

This last card I received from Annon has got me thinking and thinking is hard for a bear like me, sometimes I think my brain is just full of stuffing.

I put all my recent thinking time into this card from Annon and I have decided what to do. I will follow Annon’s advice and invest in the sock marcut!

The problem I have to think about now is how do I do this? I’ve heard about the sock marcut but I’ve never seen one. I’ve been studying socks beary hard all week to try and find the sock marcut.

I noticed Bob has a lot of socks. He has so many socks he has an entire drawer just for clean socks!


Bob’s sock drawer is a bit high for a little bear.


Bob really has a lot of socks for only having two feet.

I also know that the socks come from the dryer. I see Jen taking them out of there and putting them back in the huge sock drawer. But when I went to look for the socks I couldn’t find a single one!


As hard as I looked, I couldn’t find any socks in the dryer.

All I can think is that maybe I should take a sock and stuff the 5’s into the sock. But that just doesn’t seem right because I know that Jen and Bob always stick their feet into the socks. I don’t think the socks would be comfortable if they were full of 5’s. Maybe if I wore more socks I could become a sock expert.

Or maybe I should ask a sock expert! I’m going to go back to the pool and thing very hard about where I could find a sock expert.

– Patchez


Patchez and Pie :)

It was a beary good pie even if it wasn’t blue-beary.


Yesterday I helped Jen to make apple pie,

It was wonderfully delicious I can not lie.

I’d like to take credit for how great it turned out,

But the credit goes to Jen without a doubt.


She knows how to slice the apples just right.

She then tossed them in spices that I sniffed with delight.

I watched as she rolled out the dough with great care,

I was so excited, yup, just ONE HAPPY BEAR!


Jen slid the pie in the oven to bake,

I wanted it now, I did not want to wait.

The pie stayed baking for almost and hour,

I thought ’bout how the apples would be sweet and not sour.


I waited while the pie cooled and ready to eat,

“Hey” I said, “why’s everyone asleep?”

So I waited till morning for Jen to awake,

And we enjoyed some pie that we had baked.    🙂





Grandma’s Beary Good Apple Pie

The weather has been a little warm in Houston. But this bear can only spend so many days lounging by the pool at the Knock Knock Mansion, eventually Jennifer put me to work.

Our task was clear, we were about to make the most delicious apple pies!

Jennifer wouldn’t let me share her super secret Grandmother’s recipe but I did get a peek and stored it away for later. We carefully read the recipe and collected all the ingredients before we started baking. I kept a very close eye on the sugar and apples since those are obviously the best parts of a pie.


We heated up the oven and got to work. While Jennifer cut up the lard into the flour she tried to convince me to slice the apples. Unfortunately, I kept getting distracted by the sugar so I didn’t get very far on those.

I did get to help hold the rolling pin while we piled the sliced apples into the pie shells. I got a little flour on my jeans but I’m sure that will wash out.


The next part was the most torturous three hours a bear could endure. Did you know that it takes an HOUR in the oven to bake a pie? And then.. and then… you have to wait TWO HOURS before you can eat it???

By the time our pies were ready, everyone else was sound asleep. I snuck into the kitchen and was ready to eat the whole pie all by myself. Unfortunately, I was already a bit over-stuffed so I didn’t make it all the way through. And a pie is really better when shared with friends after all.


– Patchez

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