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Terrific Tuesday

I am sure you would all agree that to make a day wonderful it must include spending time with someone you enjoy. In order to make a terrific day it would be spending a day with two people you enjoy :)!

This particular Tuesday I am referring to was, what some may think a miserable day. It was cold and rainy outside, there were big black clouds in the sky and the wind was blowing very strong making the trees sway back and forth. Inside the house though was the complete opposite, it was not miserable at all because my friends Erin and Hannah came over to play and do some crafts with Maggie and I.

Erin and Hannah have great imaginations! The girls got me dressed up in my snorkelling outfit and we pretended I was on vacation. My vacation was to be a camping/snorkelling/theatre trip.

The big bath tub was to be the ocean, oh it was so much fun when the girls through me in the air and we pretended that there was an ocean monster after me, but it was just the girls pretending. I knew there were no monsters but it was so much fun imagining that I was in the ocean and swimming so hard that I would shoot way up in the air above the water and then dive back down into the water just like the whales do.

Erin and Hanna took me out of the ocean and got me all warmed up and ready for the next part of the vacation.

We pretended I was camping and they created the best tent ever!! They used cushions from the couch and blankets and they even made me a glowing full moon with special lighting effects on Maggie’s exercise ball. First we pretended I was all ready for bed and had my robe on and everything, then we pretended I was sleeping, it was hard not to giggle but I laid real still until they decided it was day time again. They turned the flashlights off and the moon was gone, that was really neat.

The next part of the vacation was when I was to get ready for a special show they put on for me. I was so excited about the show. They made a little stage out of a little box and then made little puppets out of card board and attached it to string to drop inside the top of the little box. They dressed me up in my tuxedo and put me in the “best seat in the house”… It was a very nice story about a little baby bird looking for its mother. I am going to try to attach the movie to my blog post……..umm I don’t really know how to do that so when Rebecca gets home from her job I will ask her to help me attach it.

After the little show that Erin and Hannah put on, Maggie said that it was almost time for their Mom to come and pick them up and we hadn’t even made our other craft yet. We all worked very diligently and cleaned up the things we had pulled out. I was so curious as to what craft Maggie was going to do with the girls. She said she was even going to let them sew on the sewing machine. I thought to myself “WOW, that is going to be so cool”.

Erin and Hannah had each brought with them an old t-shirt as Maggie had requested. They cut the sleeves off of the t-shirt and cut the neck hole bigger and then Maggie showed them how to sew up the bottom of the shirts and PRESTO, they had a shopping bag !! Erin and Hannah were not even afraid of the sewing machine’s loud noise, they just stitched up those t-shirts like they knew exactly what they were doing. A shopping bag would not be complete without some decorations on it. Erin and Hannah are so talented, they made those shopping bags look so glittery, I am sure their Dad wont recognize his old t-shirts now.

Hannah and Erin’s Mom came just when they were finished hanging their bags to let the glitter glue dry.. They chatted a million words a second to tell their Mom what they had done that morning. Their Mom was not too upset that they did not eat their snack and said she would take them to McDonalds for a lunch. They were very excited to go there. Maggie would have liked to have joined them, maybe next time.

I do not think they saw us waving to them as their car drove down our long driveway. That is ok, we like to wave to people we like.

Maggie and I discussed some activities we could do the next time they came to visit. It all sounded so very exciting to me.

“But Maggie,” I said in a very serious tone, “I might not be here when they come back to visit, I am a travelling bear, you know, and I have been here for a long time now. And yesterday…….”. “What about yesterday”? Maggie asked, as she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. “Yesterday I saw Rebecca dusting off her suitcase. I am thinking there is a trip in the making……”. “Well, Patchez, if you find out there is a trip being planned, you had better let Puddin know about your plans, she has become very attached to you since she arrived”.

Good ole Puddin, I just love that hound dog! She will understand if I am away for a while, she knows what its like to be a traveller. I sure wonder why Rebecca was dusting off her suitcase…….I wonder where we are off to next!?!

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote this post, Maggie and I are having some technical difficulties with posting the movie of the show Erin and Hannah put on for me, we will post it soon, in the meantime, enjoy these photos of my TERRIFFIC TUESDAY!







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