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I’m a Beary Busy Bear

It  has come to my attention that I have been very lax in my bear blogging. I do send my beary deepest apologizes to all of my readers.  I appreciate all of your emails of late, reminding me of my obligation to keep you all informed as to my bear-a-bouts.

Since my last blog much has happened and I suppose I should just start from the bearginning.

Maggie never has learned how to put a movie from her movie camera onto the blog, such a disappointment that is, but once she figures out the technology, LOOK OUT, you might see your face on my blog :).

Not long after my lovely Tuesday afternoon adventure with the twins I had the opportunity to go on my very first real Bearsness Trip with Becky.  Her Daddy summoned her and her sister to Colorado to have a meeting about a FANTASTIC idea that he had. So Becky suited me up for my Bearsness Trip Adventure.

I must say, Bearsness trips are quite different from any other trips. There is no singing, spinning  rides, going to movies or having a lovely afternoon tea. And there is no laughing at bearsness meetings The best way to describe such an strange adventure is……talking,listening, thinking, listening, writing, listening and listening some more. You have to have a white board and the Daddy likes serious white board markers.  Jenny did not get to use her cute little markers that looked like crayons. The Daddy gave her a stern look at her idea of white board markers, the same kind of stern look I gave the cat who thought I was a chew toy.  When you have a bearsness meeting you do go out for dinner but then you have to listen and listen and talk and write notes. You shake your head up and down lots and then everyone goes to bed early because they are tired. Then you fly home.  I am not sure if my Becky really enjoys bearsness meetings but I have noticed that grownups often have to do things they don’t enjoy because they need an income.  (note to self: research “income”)  I have never had an income but it seems important to people.

In the last few months my Rebecca and Jenny and the Daddy have had many bearsness meetings. I see Becky on the computer so much now. She even talks to it on Sunday nights at our dinner time and Tuesday mornings very early. She takes lots of pictures with a strange looking camera and then she makes the pictures look funny. She must really like the pictures because she has two of eveyone she takes. She told me it is for “The App”.  Her and Jenny and the Daddy are going to help people to exercise their eyes. It will help people to see better and it helps peoples’ brains work better.  If things go really well with “The App” then lots of people will be very happy.

Now more people are working with my friends on “The App”.  I would like to meet them. Especially the Dr that works with Becky and Jenny, she has children that I am sure would love to show me around their home in Colorado. I will ask if we can meet some day.

So my advice on bearsness meetings is not to rush into this strange activity. Put bearsness meetings off for as long as possible because there are so many more fun things to do with life that include singing, dancing and laughing. 🙂

We took the APP to disneyworld but I will tell you about that on another blog real soon.

So, even though I do not see the fun in bearsness meetings, I do like it when I get to go to Boulder Colorado and be with my girls. It makes me happy to spend time with people who like me. I try beary hard to behaive when they are all talking and listening and thinking and listening.  It seems very important to them, so I will respect that.

Speaking of singing and dancing makes me want to tell you about the fun backyard activity we had one warm summer evening……….stay tuned.

Sincerely, the “not tied up in a bearsnessmeeting bear”

Patchez 🙂

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