Pawsitively Patchez

Piggies and Chickens and Goats, Oh My

on January 14, 2014

A strange noise it was indeed that I last posted about. It was as if someone were crying for help. I was beary curious! My bear tracking sences kicked in emmediatley. With my new sketchers on my back paws helping me run faster, I scooted past the garage and I carefully peered through the cracks in the fence into the neighbours yard. The sound suddenly stopped, I stood very still and very quiet to explore the situation further. Could this be a person in distress, was it a dog howling or was it an alien from another planet?

The gate made an eerie groan as I pushed it open, the rusted hinges working for the first time after a long winter. I carefully skulked along the side of the grey building and poked my little bear nose around the corner. I took in a deep long sniff, the aroma reminded me of a happy place. It smelled of left over fried hamburgers, hot chocolate, and if I am not mistaken, butterscotch ice cream. Oh I liked the smell of this place! I made a mental note to myself to be sure to return to this wonderful smelly building later to investigate further. Once again, the sound came from the building that was just past a few picnic tables, a covered over area and from the other side of a chain linked fence

My precision bear senses told me this was not a dangerous situation after all. For there, parked beside the building was the Farmer’s truck. It was filled with big bags of something. I wandered over to see if he was about and there he was with the biggest smile on his face! Or shall I say, if the Farmer  really ever smiled, it was the biggest one I ever saw on his face. He definitely looked pleased. He greeted me with his friendliest farmer grunt and pointed to the cage. I looked in, and there it was, the most beautiful bird I had ever seen. He told me it was a peacock and as I looked closer there were more beautiful birds in the cage. Mr. Farmer told me that I had new neighbours, and there were more animals on the way. They were coming to be part of the petting zoo.

Oh I was just so delighted. Can you imagine life getting any better? Here I am, living in a house with people who look after me, a beautiful view to gaze upon, trees to play in and now a real petting zoo right next door. Oh I did the happy dance all the way back to our house to share the news with Becky and Maggie and Wayne-darling.

We went over to see our new friends often during the day and gave the miniature horses a carrot or an apple. We would talk to our new best friend Penelope. Oh, I fell in love with Penelope. She is the most adorable pink pig with a little curly tail, and her snout gave her so much personality. She told me she had been  living in a lady’s house, she had her own room and she was very careful to keep her messes out side. But one afternoon she and the lady had a long talk and they both knew she was getting too big to be living in a house.  So they called Mr. Farmer, and he invited Penelope to come stay for a while at the petting zoo. Penelope even had her own little blanket that she would move all over her pen with her cute little snout. She would curl up under it at dusk and fall fast asleep.  It was very difficult to get a picture of Penelope, she is very camera shy.

There were so many fun animals, there were goats, chickens, a rooster, some sheep, two donkeys, three miniature horses, nine ducks, a fat turkey, several rabbits, two pigs and of course the beautiful peacock and his friends. Peacock ended up being a real show-off, but none of the other animals minded him much. But the one goat we named Trouble With a Capital T, he was real mischief maker. He would start chasing all the other animals around and then hide and laugh. One day he decided to hide in the feed bin and he got stuck there. That is when all the animals laughed at him for a change.

I would go over in the evenings and have a long chat with all my animal friends. If they had any concerns they would share them with me and I would let the Farmer know what they needed. This seemed to work well because I speak animal much better than the Farmer does. For the most part the whole gang was so happy to be there. They all were people lovers and that is what is important if you want to belong to a petting zoo.

People came from miles away to see the animals when the corn maze opened at the end of August. It was such a delight! Sometimes bus loads of children would come from schools. The children would learn all about farming and animals and how corn grows. And my nose did not let me down. The Farmer’s Mom ran a little concession stand and gift store. They made wonderful hamburgers and soup and yes, there was lots of ice cream.

If Maggie and Rebecca and Wayne-darling still live here next year I think I will ask the Farmer if I can have a job at the corn maze. I will ask Jenny and Becky to help me make up a resume first though. I must tell them my best asset is that I am fond of animals.

The corn maze offered many adventures in the fall. On opening day there were about 300 people running through the maze. There was also a few weddings held in the big barn before the animals came. We were not invited to them but Maggie and I went over and spied out how they decorated the barn for each occasion. It was spectacular indeed. The best part of a wedding reception going on next door is that you can dance to their music in your back yard, that was really fun.

For my next blog I will share with you all about the cranberry fest adventure. I will show pics of how cranberries are gathered. Wait til you see the job they gave Maggie to do for cranberry fest day. I will give you a hint………it was sticky 🙂

So signing off now and sending love from all of animals at the petting zoo and me,


_DSC1212 _DSC1210 _DSC1237 _DSC1223 _DSC1232_DSC1273


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