Pawsitively Patchez

Cran-Bear-y Fest

on January 21, 2014

It’s Sunday, January 19, 2014 and my weekly blog is due. I have sat on a chair for the last hour trying to decide what to do about my delema.

You see, I promised to write about Cran-bear-y Fest and, I can do that, however, I have no cran-bear-y pictures with me at the moment. Why,? you ask. Because I am on an adventure and I would love to tell you all about IT but I am not finished it yet and I have pictures to gather from my travelling companions………….what to do, to do, to do?

Ok, here it goes, a solution! I will tell you all about Cran-bear-y Fest and next week I will add adorable pics I have of it. As well, I will tell you about this beary creative, funny, silly, yummy, pretty, snory, sunny, wet, adventure I am having right now! Great Idea right? right!

Shortly before the snow was to arrive, in mid October, my friends told me that the Corn Maze celebrates Cran-Bear-y Fest. It seemed kind of funny to me, I wondered why they celebrated the berries when I thought we should be celebrating the corn, because I could only see corn out the window, no cranberries, but oh well, people seem to do the funniest things……or perhaps it really was a cran-BEAR-y festival for me!

My friends then showed me the huge field of cranberries across the road from the house. There were three huge patches of cranberries. So, it was not a festival for me after all but when I learned how much they do to take care of the fruit I knew that they should have a big festival!

We never are to run through the cranberry patch! They are treated with the utmost care. The cranberries are fertilized in the spring by helicopter! That was a very exciting day to see that.

In the fall the field is filled with water and Farmer T. drives a funny machine through the berries to loosen them from the bushes. They all float to the top and then they are swished to the side of the field by the funny machine and men wearing big boots up to the top of their tummy go in the water and swish the cranberries closer to the side. A big machine that has a vacuum on it sucks all the cranberries up, sorts out the little sticks and then spits the cranberries into crates. The crates go into BIG trucks and are taken away to the Ocean Spray Office. That is where the other people squish them down and they become cran-raisins. I never knew all this. So after learning all this, don’t you agree there should be a festival? :).

Lots of people come to the corn maze to have a big pancake and sausage breakfast. Maggie was volunteered to help and she was VERY excited to go. She got to wear a fancy apron that had a sign on the front of it. She wanted to keep the apron but they needed it. She very carefully made pancakes for about 120 hungry people. She and three other helpers worked very hard mixing big bowls of pancake mix, and heating up sausages on the bar-b-ques outside and making sure there was enough cranberry pancake syrup for everyone. It was a sticky job but they accomplished it! There were balloons and clowns there and children were getting their faces painted. Children made crafts. People came all day long to have the special cranberry treats and to see the corn maze. They even roasted marshmallows on a fire in the evening.

The farmer even made a cranberry patch for the children to go in and try to rake up cranberries. First he put wood in a square, then he covered everything in a big plastic sheet. He filled it with water, about 8 inches deep. He put some cranberries in for the children to chase around with the rakes, they had Great Fun. I am glad the Farmer put out lots and lots of gum-boots for the children to put on, otherwise their feet would have gotten very wet.

All the petting zoo animals were so very happy to have so many visitors that day. They got lots of love from the children, “big children and small children”, Maggie says and then laughs.

It was a beautiful fall day for the event. It was a day of warm sunshine on your back but the air was cool and when you walked under the trees the colourful fallen leaves danced around your feet. I have to say I think I experienced a perfect Canadian autumn event. I hope I get to go to Cranberry Fest again in 2014 :).

The next time you put a cran-raisin in your mouth you can think of its big adventure getting from our house to your mouth :).

Your Cran-bear-y Friend,
Patchez. be sure to look at the pics next week 🙂


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