Pawsitively Patchez

The Cran-bear-y Fest Pics

on January 28, 2014

Well, I got back to my northern home in the Pacific North West late last night and as promised, I am sending you some pics from Cran-beary Fest.

Picture 1 is the cranberry bog that Farmer B made for the children.  They sure had fun chasing the cranberries around with rakes.

Picture 2 is of someone getting their face painting by an artist that came all the way from Vancouver Island.

Picture 3 is the hardworking people collecting the cranberries that are floating on the top of the flooded cranberry field.  They worked tirelessly collecting those little red nutritious gems……can you tell that I love cranberries :)?

Picture 4 is Farmer T driving the funny machine carefully though the feild. The machine jiggles all the bushes under the water and shakes the cranberries loose and then the yummy berries float to the top.

In picture 5 we see some of the over three hundred pancakes that Maggie and her friends cooked for the Cran-beary Fest visitors…….and they were delicious!  The pancakes, not the visitors.

Picture 6 is Maggie and her new friend from Langley.  I think I would like to visit Langley, “it is very historic,” says Maggie’s new friend . I am very curious about historic things, I hope we can see Historic Langley sometime this summer.

So these are my pics from Cran-bear-y Fest. I hope you liked them.

I know I said I was going to tell you about my adventure that we just got back from but I am waiting for all the pics to get here from both of my travel buddies.

In the meantime, I came across some pics of an adventure that the whole gang (Jenny, Bobby, Becky, Maggie and Brittany and I ) took in September of 2013 that I have not told you about. I will work on that post this week. This is an adventure that was a year late………..I will explain that comment next week.

Au Revoir mes amie That is french for Good Bye my friends, I just learned how to say that but I do not know if I wrote it properly.  I am thinking of studying a new language, my friends suggested I learn english better first, that might be a good idea. I think I will learn a new fancy english word every week and share it with everyone.  I will start my blog each week with a new fancy word that I have learned.

Your friend, the beary curious, adventurous traveling bear,

Patchez 🙂




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