Pawsitively Patchez

My Bear-est Deepest Want

I want to be your beary best friend ever!

A happy friend, and cheerful, while ever so clever.

I want to be able to give you advice,

That will help you to prosper, and still be so nice.

I want to be able to give you a hug,

To make you feel FANTASTIC! when you might feel like a slug.

I want to stay close and be friends that stay true.

I want you to know that I love you……..

cause I  REALLY REALLY do!



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“A” is For Adventure……part two

So here are some pics from our Sept 2014 pics from Disneyland.  I found a pink cat in Fantasy land :).


We went on the cars ride and it was FAST and FUN!


We went to the dress up restaurant called  The Napa Rose I wore a bow tie and I felt very special. We had what is called a tasting menu. That is where you tell the chef the kinds of food you like and some of the things you do not really enjoy eating and the chef brings you interesting and delicious delicacies to eat. The chef just kept bringing food dish after food dish after food dish. Nothing was the same for any of us.  All of the dishes were small sizes so we enjoyed watching the chef cook delicious food for a few hours and we were just full enough when we were done.


Do you see me in the pic where I am wearing a disguise?  Can you tell its me dressed up like Winnie the Pooh?  Winnie thought I was pretty tricky with that outfit on LOL.


One night after a very special dinner that we had at the new restaurant called the Carthey……..(special because it was yummy, fancy and free…..another “deal” from Rebecca’s web searching 🙂 ) ……… we watched the beautiful light show on the water by the ferris wheel called World of Color.  It was just beautiful. I liked to see all the people watching and oohing and awing at all the work my friends at Disneyland did to put such a beautiful show together.


These are just a few of the pics taken. Soon I will post a link so you can see all the funny pics we took. Maybe even the video of my Zoomba class LOL.  But alas, our trip came to an end. We got into a stretched out car, it took us to the Orange County airport and we all flew back to our homes.  Once again, Maggie cried because the time with her children had come to an end. She reminisced about the good times they had enjoyed on this adventure. She told me about the wiener roast they had by a fire. They were careful not to take me to that so I would not get burned,,I was thankful for that.  She told me about how Jenny had brought presents to her and Rebecca and there was a glitter fight in the kitchen and afterward she had little shinny pieces of glitter all over the place. She thought that was really fun. But she cried again because it will be a long time before she can be with the people she loves so much. I told Maggie that I did not know she was going to miss Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Goofy that much. She gave me a loving smile and a hug. I fell asleep in her arms and woke up back in my home in the Pacific North West.

But you will never guess where I ended up flying to just 10 days later……..stay tuned!!


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“A” is for Adventure….Part One.

Ok, so what is more fun?

A)  planning a trip   B) shopping for a trip    C) going on a trip

If your answer was “D” for all of the above, you are absolutely right!

By the time the fall was arriving here in the Pacific North West it was time to start packing those bags and surfing the net for some “deals” as Becky calls them.  We got a “deal” for a cruise down to Los Angeles, California, a “deal” for the Grand Californian Hotel, and a “real good deal” on our flight home.  I am learning that when I hear someone say “deal” there is an adventure on the horizon.

I believe that the word “adventure” is my favorite fancy English word. And when I say the word “adventure”, I am using it as a noun to mean “an exciting or unusual experience”, OR “to participate in exciting undertakings”.  I looked it up in a dictionary to be sure, and that is exactly what I mean when I say, “adventure”. Don’t you think it is a lovely word?

Our adventure started with the organizing, that is what Becky does the beary best. She keeps everything very organized! Becky says that when things are organized they are more “productive”.  If productive means that you are very busy and you get up early, and don’t have time to think up a new song to hum or kick  back on the swing set on a warm afternoon and find shapes in the clouds or to lay on the grass and watch the flower pedals open on a  summer morning, then that is exactly what Becky is……productive.

Becky got all of us organized for our trip. Bobby and Jenny came from Texas on a plane, Brit came from “up country” a few days later and Maggie and Becky got all of our suitcases ready. When the count down calendar said, “O” our adventure began. That was 100 days after our “100 day” party and 50 days after our “50 days” party.

It started with a funny SUV  that picked us up in our driveway.  The man in a fancy suit opened the door for us in the SUV that looked like it had got stuck somewhere and got stretched out. Inside the car was lots of seats. Room for all of us AND all of our luggage. We stopped by the neighbor’s house and waved whited napkins out the window to say goodbye, that was fun. Bobby made sure the music worked for us in the stretched out SUV, he almost stood on his head to accomplish this, but I think he stands on his head lots to make his wife happy.


Our first stop was to drop our suitcases off at the cruise ship terminal.  There were other ships there too, so we had to make sure we got on the right ship. We all wore matching hoodies that Becky had gotten made for us.  Some in the group did not want to be all “matchy-matchy”  but we learned that it was to our advantage.  When you all wear the same decorated hoodie then the attendants know who all is in your group and they keep you together, so it was a very good idea.


The cruise to Los Angeles from Vancouver takes three sleeps.  On our first night on the cruise ship we ate in the dining room.  The waiters must have been new because they got a little mixed up at the dinner table. Maggie said that her dinner experience was not a good adventure but things will get better.  We saw a lovely show that night of dancers and singers and since it was a very long day we fell asleep very quickly. The next day was full of exploring the ship, playing trivia games, doing some shopping and eating and then having a coffee break and a nap and then we went to a fancy dinner.

What a fancy dinner we had on that ship too. The waiter first showed us all the different kinds of meats you can choose from.  I was not sure how I felt about that. It was so……..meaty


Everyone else ordered a steak but I went fruit-a-terian. Maggie had never had a steak as big as the porter house she ordered, and she really enjoyed. I’m guessing it might have been hot because she put volcano salt on it.  Maggie slept well that night.

All the meat must have make everyone a little smarter. Our adventurous little group loves to play trivia on cruises but we had never won before.  It was a beary stressful game and everyone was thinking very hard. After we had answered all the questions it turned out we had tied with another team for first place. The lady asking the questions gave us a tie breaking question of how many squares were on a scrabble board. Bobby knew the answer so we all won clip on keychains.  I’ve never played Scrabble, but I should go count the number of squares just in case that question comes up again.

The next morning I went to a Zumba class with Maggie and Becky. Oh that was SOOOOO much fun. I danced my little bear butt all around to the latin music with all the other ladies that were in the class. Lots of people were shy to dance but they put their all into it and in no time we were sweating all the dinner off we had eaten the night before.  The captain even came by and waved to all of us while we were dancing.

Day three came too soon and next thing you know we were back at my stomping grounds DISNEYLAND YAHOOOO!!

The first thing we did is visit the new Starbucks store in California Adventure Park. We got our fast passes organized for the new Cars ride that I was so excited about.

We took lots of fun pictures, I will show you.  First, I must start another post as I have used up all my space for this one LOL….Oh I have so much to share with you 🙂

This is me in front of the Stanley Stature in Radiator Springs at Disneyland.


Proceed to the next post, Patchez :).

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