Pawsitively Patchez

“A” is For Adventure……part two

on February 9, 2014

So here are some pics from our Sept 2014 pics from Disneyland.  I found a pink cat in Fantasy land :).


We went on the cars ride and it was FAST and FUN!


We went to the dress up restaurant called  The Napa Rose I wore a bow tie and I felt very special. We had what is called a tasting menu. That is where you tell the chef the kinds of food you like and some of the things you do not really enjoy eating and the chef brings you interesting and delicious delicacies to eat. The chef just kept bringing food dish after food dish after food dish. Nothing was the same for any of us.  All of the dishes were small sizes so we enjoyed watching the chef cook delicious food for a few hours and we were just full enough when we were done.


Do you see me in the pic where I am wearing a disguise?  Can you tell its me dressed up like Winnie the Pooh?  Winnie thought I was pretty tricky with that outfit on LOL.


One night after a very special dinner that we had at the new restaurant called the Carthey……..(special because it was yummy, fancy and free…..another “deal” from Rebecca’s web searching 🙂 ) ……… we watched the beautiful light show on the water by the ferris wheel called World of Color.  It was just beautiful. I liked to see all the people watching and oohing and awing at all the work my friends at Disneyland did to put such a beautiful show together.


These are just a few of the pics taken. Soon I will post a link so you can see all the funny pics we took. Maybe even the video of my Zoomba class LOL.  But alas, our trip came to an end. We got into a stretched out car, it took us to the Orange County airport and we all flew back to our homes.  Once again, Maggie cried because the time with her children had come to an end. She reminisced about the good times they had enjoyed on this adventure. She told me about the wiener roast they had by a fire. They were careful not to take me to that so I would not get burned,,I was thankful for that.  She told me about how Jenny had brought presents to her and Rebecca and there was a glitter fight in the kitchen and afterward she had little shinny pieces of glitter all over the place. She thought that was really fun. But she cried again because it will be a long time before she can be with the people she loves so much. I told Maggie that I did not know she was going to miss Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Goofy that much. She gave me a loving smile and a hug. I fell asleep in her arms and woke up back in my home in the Pacific North West.

But you will never guess where I ended up flying to just 10 days later……..stay tuned!!



One response to ““A” is For Adventure……part two

  1. ggknock says:

    *What neat pictures and what neat stories about your trip to Disneyland. Oh my gosh so enjoyed all of it. Liked your hoodies too. Also thought Patchez was so handsome in his tux and bow tie picture. Wow you all do for sure know how to have fun and interesting times. Love all. G.G.*

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