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“Eyes” in Florida

on April 4, 2014

So I just know you have been wondering what exciting and amazing adventure we were on just ten days after getting home from cruising to Disneyland!  We were off to Florida!  Not just any old city in Florida though, it was one of the best. We were going to Orlando.  Oh I was so very excited about this idea, because “you-know-who” has his summer resort there 🙂 and I was hoping so much we could go and see my oldest friend Mickey.

Rebecca explained to me that the first place we were going to was for business and we had to be on our beary best behavior.  We were staying at a resort where they were hosting the international optometrist conference.  It would be a big gathering of people who look after people’s eyes. OOOHHH!  I listened ever so carefully as she explained things to me. We were going to tell all the optometrists that came from all over the world about our new app that can help to make people’s eyes healthy and it would help children in a very special way. OOOOOHHHH!  This sounded so important. So now all those boring business meetings with all the white board pictures, and the talking and listening and talking and listening was turning out to be something that we could share with other people and even help them. I was so excited to be able to be included in the adventure.  I was so happy to learn that Jenny was going to be there and cousin Brit and her Mom.

We met up with cousin Brit at the airport and her Mom was there too, Becky calls her Auntie and that is such a beautiful name to give her.  She has a beautiful smile and I knew I was going to like her right off the bat.   The airplane ride was long and we got to Florida and found Jenny at the hotel. They got right to work setting up the display. My job was to make sure the room that Becky and Jenny shared was at the proper temperature for them to have a good rest when they came back from setting up.

The conference was so much work for my friends, they spent long hours talking to the eye doctors  and then the eye doctors would have lots of questions for them. My Jenny and Becky kept smiling and telling people answers and the people would nod there heads and listen, it was just like a business trip meeting but more people and everyone was very nice to each other.

At the end of the conference it was decided that it was BEARY successful and that their team was on the right track, now they had to get down to business and polish things up. Well, I have not seen anyone polishing things, they just keep looking at funny pictures and talking to each other on the computer every week and making big plans.

We all went to Disney World when the conference was over. Poor Becky had such a sore foot. I forgot to tell you she had had a nasty fall down the stairs to her place carrying a bowl of soup one night and she hurt her foot so bad. She went to a Dr. and he said she was going to be ok but I am concerned about her foot, it is not getting better very fast :(.  So Disney World was lots of walking but we got to see so many exciting things. I am going to post some pics that we took while we were there.  I kind of wished Maggie was there too but she said that she just can not be going all the time on trips….then she winked at me.  I just know she wanted to be there too.

Saying good bye to Jenny and Bobby was so sad for me. I feel loved when Jenny holds me in her arms.  And when no one is looking Bobby smiles at me, but it’s our secret.  Jenny and Bobby got to stay a little longer at Disney World but that is ok, I was ready to get back to the Pacific North West and have a good ole rest. Winter was coming in and I needed to get ready for the cold weather.  Our flight home seemed long cause I was anxious to see Maggie. She was waiting outside at the airport for us and ever so happy to give Becky and I a big hug.

I slept beary well once I got to my room and snuggled into my bed.  I know that Disney World is bigger than Disneyland, but I found myself wondering if  bigger is always better. I could not help but think about all my old friends back in California and wondered if I will ever be fortunate enough to go on another trip to see them all.  I also thought about all those nice people who came from all over the world to learn how to make people’s eyes work better, that is a very nice job to have.  I did not get to meet Dr. Ess who works with Becky and Jenny, but I sure hope I get to meet her some day.  Becky told me lots of Dr.s really respect Dr. Ess.

I am now going to go and look in the dictionary and learn about respect, what an interesting word …R-E-S-P-E-C-T. hmmm.

continuously pondering,



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  1. ggknock says:

    *Surely enjoyed Patchez’s latest mea\ssagew abouot his trip to Florida. What a guy!! Love all. Mom/G.G.*

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