Pawsitively Patchez

Knowledge starts with a “K”

on April 16, 2014

When we arrived home from Florida we really needed to rest up. We had worn our paws off in Disney World running to and from attractions. There was certainly good reason for a good rest. However, Becky was at the computer once again clicking, talking, thinking and drawing very strange pictures and chatting with Jenny more than ever and using words that I hardly understood.

It was a dark rainy day when I was told that I need to “expand my vocabulary”. That is what Maggie suggested  that day when I had approached her with a whole list of words I heard Rebecca using. I had carefully written them all out for her to explain to me.  Maggie looked at the words I had written on the list and said that I had done a wonderful job of printing out the words and most of them were spelled correctly. She shared with me how I could improve their spelling and then introduced to me the most wonderful, amazing, inspiring, book. It is a book of knowledge. It is called the DICTIONARY.

I loved the book the moment I saw it. Of course I needed a little help getting it off of the book shelf and on to the table, but like Maggie said, “What are friends for”? and she laughed.

Maggie explained how to find a word in the big book that I was looking for. You look for the first letter first then the second, oh it was just so exciting.  It gets tricky though, you really have to know how to spell the words correctly first. For instance, did you know “knowledge” starts with a “K’, not an “N”.  Well someone was really thinking when they put this book together. I think everyone should have a dictionary!

You will never guess what the first word that I found in the dictionary all by myself was!?!………….Yup, you guessed right, “Friend“, it is now one of my most favorite words. :).


This was THE BEST rainy day I had enjoyed in ages. I sat and read the words in there until my eyes got so tired even with my glasses on.  Maggie made me a nice cup of tea to enjoy while I read. Every once in a while someone would come into the kitchen and ask  Maggie why I was so quiet, she would respond with just one word, “Dictionary”, “aha” they would say, and tip toe out of the room.

Bobbin was not so interested in my big book so he read a book that was more his cup of tea.  I told him that if he found a word in his book that he did not understand he could ask me to look it up in the dictionary and I would tell him the meaning of his word.  I think Bobbin and I have found a game that we both like to play now. For a cat who cannot speak human he sure understands a lot. I do not know where I learned Cat but it has come in handy many times. For instance, when Bobbin gets into one of those moods where he just really needs to hunt, I can remind him that I am not here to be hunted nor am I a chew toy and he listens.  He is very special, and I have learned from my dictionary that, “special”, can me many things, so it is really what my cat friend Bobbin is…..special :).


I was pretty sure there were no trips planned for a month or so and I was kind of glad because it was going to take me at least that long to read the whole dictionary.

But you would not believe where our next adventure was. It was very exciting, here is a hint:  I was squeezed by monsters, there were smelly things and lots of colour, oh and I can not forget manicures and afternoon tea…….those are the clues to whet your appetite for the next blog post.

Inquisitively yours,





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