Pawsitively Patchez

We Sprung Into Spring

on September 16, 2014

“Before we leave for Houston, we have lots of work to do” announced Maggie.  So I put my packing plans on hold for just a few days.  I have found in my short life that spring time is wonderful and exciting!

There are many things that happen in spring time. Did you know the clocks get changed in the spring? They spring forward one hour!  That means that a few days previous when I would wake up at 7 oclock in the morning it was still a bit dark outside, but thanks to the earth being tipped just a little bit, and everyone changing their clocks forward by one hour, 7 oclock is now bright and sunny! I must say though, when Maggie had first told me that the earth was tipped, I was frightened, my eyes just about jumped out of my head and I grabbed onto her really tightly in case we fell over, but she said not to worry, we wont fall. She also told me that it would be best for Jenny, Bob and Rebecca to give me a lesson about the solar system, I am looking forward to that.

So with so more daylight we have longer days to do more things outside. I kept beary busy helping my friends here with spring clean up in their yard.  They do not seem to like the tiny little green sprouts that are coming up in the flower beds so they pull them out. Maggie calls them “darn weeds” and she scrunches up her face when she says it, she REALLY does NOT like weeds!

We also trimmed back all the shrubs so that the  plants can all grow in healthy and full. And I have to tell you the funniest thing I have ever learned. My friends actually buy poop from the cows and put it around the plants so they get vitamins from it.  Maggie says that manure is “THE best”!  Well I just laughed my little face off at the thought of someone buying poop from the cows,,,,,,people are so funny!  Manure, manure, mon-oor… sounds French! After a few days of our efforts in the flower beds to my surprise, those little plants were  growing faster than ever. The rose bushes had teeny weeny little buds growing on them and there were even some flowers on some of the shrubs, it was so pretty and worth all our effort, I love spring!

I offered to poop on the plants for Maggie and she looked at me sternly, with one eyebrow up and one down and I just knew she did not want bear poop on her plants, she only wanted cow poop.  She told me later that if I was a chicken she would consider letting me poop on the plants, but since I am a bear, I should just stick with  my normal routine.  I was ok with that.

Well here are some pics of me helping in the garden. My first job was to sit on the limbs of a big green tree and see if I could count the branches, that got boring pretty fast.  Maggie suggested that I  help her trim the grassy shrubs.  I don’t have thumbs so it was too difficult to hold the trimmers. My next job, and the best job ever, was to sit in the tree in front of Wayne’s office window and hum softly to the sleeping tree so it would wake up happy and grow nice  healthy leaves. Maggie said my humming was so beautiful that all the shrubs looked like they were waking up to hear my tunes. That tree that I sat in has even more baby buds today :).  I knew I would be able to help in a special way.

IMG_2310 IMG_2312 IMG_2313IMG_2315 IMG_2317

So if you want your plants to grow well you must get a cow to poop in a big green plastic bag then bring the bag home and shovel it into the dirt around the shrubs and then hum a lovely waking up song to them.  I will write out my song for you to sing to your trees. Maggie said it is very important to hum very very softly. Here is my song:

Wake Up, My Beautiful Tree”

Hmm hmm hmmmmm hm hmmmmm,

Hmm hmm hmmmmm hm hmmm hm.

Hmmmmmm hm hmmmmmm hm hm,

Hmmmmmm hm hmmmmm hm hm,

Hm hm hm hm hm hm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Now, back to my packing for Houston.


Your Humming Bear,





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